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Guest Post: Amigo

We often meet the best of people unexpectedly. I’m going to introduce to you one such person from my life today. She’s an amazing writer and poet. The way she looks at life is very different. Her point of view makes a lot of sense to me and I understand life from so many different perspectives because of her. She’s none other than Frost and because she is so special to me, my first ever guest post is by her.

Give it a read and go check her blog out. I’m sure her writing is something you will treasure.

Among the swarm of people
Through the thick fog of thoughts
Sailing past the boats of gloats
Not one among the daily plots

Was a friend of time
Carrying a Storm within
But would never give in
To the atrocities,
Of life that cramps in.

Perseverance was just another dot
Because he wasn’t just one among the lot
Sculpted by determination itself
And shaped by the winds of kindness

Was a friend of time
Always a constant of life
Without the rumbles of strife
Filled with the goodness,
Of the never ending time.

This was brilliantly written, Frost.
Thank you so much for writing something this amazing on my blog.
You’re special to me and nothing in the world can change that. I hope you know that.
Keep writing good stuff!

I hope you enjoyed this post by Frost as much as I did!

Thank you for reading!

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