Dear Diary

8th October, 2018

Dear Diary, I've had an amazing week. I can't tell you how much fun I've had. I've spent my time with the people I love and I don't think things could've been better. Wait. I actually think I do think things could've been better. But bah. Who cares. As of now, I'm happy. I'm so… Continue reading 8th October, 2018

Dear Diary

23rd August, 2018

Dear Diary, /* Start time : 12.10AM End time : 12.45AM */ I'm not sure how anger is for different people. How is anger? Anger is anger! What do you mean?¬†What I mean is, one person expresses their anger in different ways than others. It's not unique for every person but there are different ways… Continue reading 23rd August, 2018