Words Feel Different

When I am stuffed with work,I have more tasks than fingers,I need to find some time to breathe,And go to sleep dead tiredThat's when I find peace When I've got nothing to doI lay waste in my bedDays just pass by with nothing newAnd I stay awake so lateIs when I am most anxious When… Continue reading Words Feel Different


Let’s make a new friend!

Growing up, we're taught manners and discipline. Two things that make a person be more human to others. In schools and at home we're taught how we're supposed to sit straight and how sitting in "inappropriate" ways is disrespectful. We're taught how we're supposed to speak to others, how we're not supposed to point fingers… Continue reading Let’s make a new friend!


May The Stars Be With You

They say the stars alignTo make things possibleThat you never thoughtCould have happened. They say the stars seeEverything and everyoneTheir vision reachesThe darkest of the corners They say the stars knowSo much, their life is longAnd ours would endBefore they even blinked When the stars seeYour beautiful heartYour sweet intentionsWhy wouldn't they align for you?