Zombies and Ghosts!

I had this very weird idea for a post today. When something is weird, I’m even more attracted towards it and so I’m gonna give it a try. Let me know how you like it.

A living person or thing is basically a body being controlled by your brain right? But let’s not talk science. Let’s say there’s a soul which is basically what’s helping the brain decide what we wanna do. So a living thing has two parts to it. A body and a soul.
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The Trio

My college “life” started almost a year ago now. One semester ended half a year ago and another one is about to come to an end. I’ve heard a lot about how the second year of college is gonna screw us up and how sad it is when all your friends get divided into different classes. All of that didn’t matter to me much all this time but now, its getting to me. Continue reading


Making decisions can be hard. You get to choose once and if you choose wrong, you may struggle. It’s always advisable to spend a good amount of time contemplating before you make a decision because decision making can be critical.
The following is a story I found long ago, and I think it tells us something really important :

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I was, for the longer part of my life, a big time fan of love stories. Everything seemed happy and perfect. There were ups and downs but in the end everything became alright, no matter how screwed up the situation may be. Just like a year back, I started seeing the bullshit in them.

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