Granted – Day 2

This is the second post for the challenge that the AWESOME Quill had nominated me to do.
Here goes.

They were there,
When I was sad,
When I was mad.
I took them for granted

When I won,
They were there,
We celebrated together.
I never saw the value.

When I was bored,
I troubled them,
They were there,
To kill MY boredom.

I value them now,
I want them with me,
They’re drifting away.

Maybe the time has come,
For me to pay.

Maybe the time has come,
For them to go away.


We often tend to not see what we have till we’ve lost it. Friends are one such thing. Everyone’s got someone. If you think you don’t, take a minute and look around you. There’s got to be someone who goes out of their way to do things for you. Keep them close. It may be your closest friend or your best friend, or it could even be someone from your family. If you still think you have no one, know that you have me and know that you’ll have me… always.

I hope you liked reading this.


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