About Ket

Hello There

Its been some time since I wanted to make a blog. Everyday I’d think, ‘Maybe someday when I don’t have so much work pending, I will’. Then, a friend of mine came and asked me to make diary entries. She knows I love writing and so she always suggests stuff like these.

I maintain a diary but blogging has an entirely different feeling. Its not like making diary entries ain’t fun, its just that when you post in your blog, people are gonna be reading your posts and judging you accordingly. I’ve had blogs before but I’ve never been able to maintain any.

Anyway. This page is supposed to be about me, Ket. Ket is a pseudonym. I’m using this so that I can post whatever I want more comfortably. I don’t want people to judge me. Yes, some would say, ‘How does it matter what they think about you? Its your blog, write whatever you wanna’. Well, I don’t really care what people would think about me. I just want this blog of mine to be yet another diary. I wanna type all my feelings into this. All my feelings could mean a lot of things. Personal too. I don’t want people to know all these feelings belongs to me. I don’t wanna be vulnerable and weak. Hopefully this makes sense to you and you will acquiesce in my decision.

Well, I’m writing about me for you. Its very common for people to make an image of a person by their names. ‘Keith? Oh, he must be a fair looking lad. Lincoln? Man, he must be very wise. Arnold? Is he very muscular? Stephen? I can bet he’s smart.’ Yeah, it depends from person to person what kind of characteristics their minds build up just by looking at a name. I guess it depends upon what experiences you’ve had with that name before. Basically, I do not want you to build a image of me in your mind. I want you to read my posts on this blog like as if its this book you’ve never heard about. You don’t know if its good or if its bad. THAT is how people are supposed to judge stuff. With no preconceived notions.

Please do tell me what you think about my posts. You can contact me through comments if you wanna and I’ll make some arrangements in the contact page so that you can anonymously contact me. Its really unsafe to give off your email ID you know.. Also, it would’ve been easier to filter off spams through this contact form provided by google but then it ain’t working! I literally spent 3 hours working on it. And yeah, please do comment wherever. Just try to make the comments relevant, yeah?

Thanks for reading

Lots of love.


You can email me at ketcage@gmail.com.
I’m thinking about forgetting the pennames and stuff and finally coming out in the open. So maybe I will xD

Keep reading,

Ket (for now)


9 thoughts on “About Ket

  1. I want to know your name now, really. It’s crazy how we depend on our names, not like ‘depend’, something else maybe, but I can’t think of any other word. We, as humans, just try yo visualize everything. It’s like when you read a book you picture everything in your head. It’s probably just the same thing.

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  2. It feels nice to know that you’re actually so concerned, really! But I feel so comfortable in writing about things by some other name now. It’s like I’ve become Ket. I mean.. I was always Ket but.. The name didn’t feel like it belonged to me but after all this time, I actually feel like even this name belongs to me.
    Yes. That’s exactly my point. People try to visualize everything. Its very human to relate and that’s how people judge. It’s really fun thinking about how our brains function so smartly. Sometimes I wish I’d take psychology as a subject. πŸ˜›


  3. Of course, the decision is up to you but I’d say keep the pen name. It’s cool πŸ˜€ and besides, you gotta be careful, sometimes you can face a block and won’t be able to publish new stuff as openly anymore once you ‘come out’. Publishing under a pen name gives us a sense of security to ‘be someone else’ for once, less pressure to act in character aka like you ‘normally’ would. Have fun exploring your mind from another perspective, Ket.

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