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Sweet Memories

It’s unpredictable how your life may take you to unexpected places that you would have least anticipated. In this journey, there are those who join you for a bit and those that have to head their own way. We meet so many people in different phases of our lives. They all remain in our lives for a time. You part ways with some a bit too soon and others stay for a bit longer. Still, in all this, there must be someone who you thought would be a part of your life forever. Now they’re not the same part of your life they once were. They too are paving their way towards whatever their goals are.

Your story with some of these people might have such absurd beginnings. I have met people who I initially considered to be a nuisance. I have been proven wrong here many times. They began to feel like a significant part of my life as I warmed up to them. But today I got to thinking, I’ve spent time with a good number of people, but was there ever a time when I actually had a final talk with them? You know, where you actually get to talk one last time and say everything you had to. Some form of closure, maybe, once before you parted ways.  Although thinking about it, I don’t think there’s ever a situation where you’re around them knowing that it might be the last actual conversation you have before your paths bifurcate. You probably had your last coffee or game together and never realised it!

I’ve met people at some point in my life who helped me deal with a lot of suffering. People who made my life much better than it was before they came along. Then, before I could thank them and fully express my gratitude and love to them, they were gone. Before I’d even have the time to process how big of an impact they’ve made on my life, they weren’t the same part of my life they once were. It comes off weirdly now since we’re always connected on some social media platform or the other, and each of them is just a few taps away. Simply thinking about it, why couldn’t I just get in touch with them? 

I’d be lying if I said I haven’t ever done that. I might have a reputation for randomly, out of the blue, sending love filled messages to long lost friends telling them how much I’ve missed them and how grateful I was to have met them. However, there are also times when this isn’t possible. I’ve had times when these beautiful individuals were people I just met for the span of a bus ride or an exam. Sometimes people I’d have met on my way to work every day since our timings matched for a few weeks. People who I never actually acquainted well enough with to connect online with. But also complicated situations where we might be connected online but… that’s all. To hold on to even them may feel so stupid! How much could a person have meant in this short span? If you were asking me this, I’d understand why but find it extremely difficult to explain.

As I write this, I have faint memories of these people in my mind. The way the looked or the accent they spoke in might have been tainted or butchered by the corrosion that happens over time. Still though, sometimes I sit and wonder if they think back and remember me. The good times we’ve had together, the stupid laughs and the deep talks we might have shared? Do they think about the things that could have been – how we would have aged as friends, what adventures we would embark on had it lasted longer? I can’t help but wonder if all that they’ve meant to me, or mean to me now after all the processing I’ve done of those memories is something they might relate to. Also, am I a memory in someone’s mind who thinks the same way I do for others?

Just the thought warms my heart. Maybe I am! Maybe every once in a while when they’re sitting and doing something, and their mind wanders, a small memory flashes and brings back a sweet smile on their face. Ultimately, I think, it’s beautiful how we’re all still connected. Even if it’s just by sweet memories.

Thank you for reading, hope you have a great day.

Also, a happy new year to you!

(A random piece of art that I made a while back. It somehow felt related to this and so… here it is. Presenting to you, Ket’s random artwork)


2 thoughts on “Sweet Memories

  1. It is rare to meet someone who stays in our life forever. My parents did it and did it well. Now, when there are so many opportunities for life available we tend to be for apt to move on a solo journey. Enjoy those you meet and the moments you have with them. And bless them on their way. Surprisingly many return engagements happen when we least expect it!
    Enjoyed your essay. Thank you for sharing it!


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