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Target Accomplished!

My new year resolution for 2020 and the past two years has been the same. To read SIX books. Six isn’t much, and people who have a habit of reading regularly might even laugh at this because I know people who read six books in a month. Obviously, six books in a year to them might seem like a bit.. to little.

It’s not that I don’t like reading, in fact, I’ve always loved reading. I would often find myself reading a lot of stories online. I read stories on Wattpad, there were a lot of subreddits on which I’d spend a lot of my time, just reading, then there were all these text-based story games which I enjoyed quite a bit.

I started reading my first series when I was in 8th grade. Which series? Harry Potter. I loved it. I collected money and bought each one of those books. They were pretty expensive for me back then, but I made sure I bought and read every book because I really wanted a collection of my own. That began my journey of reading.

I noticed until the story got sort of intense, I would read really slowly and so it would take me months to even cover half the book. The second half usually ended up taking much lesser time and in a year I’d end up reading two books or three at most. I realised it wasn’t because of my reading speed but rather because I spent a lot of days (most of it, actually) by not reading even a single page. But, for some reason, I always wanted to read more. Hence, the new year’s resolution.

I’m writing this post today because I have completed the challenge! It was a few days ago actually and I knew I wanted to write this but I became a victim of procrastination (I always have been).

I’ll write, in my next post, about the books that I read and I’ll tell you how I liked all of them 😀

What was your new year’s resolution? How far have you come? Let me know! 😀

I hope you achieve your target and fulfill it and I hope you enjoyed reading!

18 thoughts on “Target Accomplished!

  1. I’ve been reading children’s books for two weeks, to recover from a period that was too busy. Reading books that draw me in can be a great way of procrastinating. There’s always that next page I want to read before that boring chore on my to-do-list…

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      1. I find games the same way! I love story based games so when I play it, I can literally see myself in a different world and that’s so… relieving! 😀
        Relatable, but in a different sense, I guess!

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      2. It’s possible!
        Games can be pretty addictive. In fact, I did get addicted to it but I found a balance which helps me 😀
        I think anything fun can get addictive but then you, sooner or later, learn to moderate.
        I am not trying to force you into playing games by any means! 😅

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  2. Oh, I just saw you asked for links in the comments. This is the post I shared with everyone: My book is only 0,99 today if you want to try it. It brings a coaching attitude, depth and practical ideas to the topic that I missed in the books I read. I wrote this one for my clients, to help them experiment with what works for them and what doesn’t.

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      1. You’ve worked hard for this and you’re doing it in your own space so I don’t think anyone can have anything against that.
        And I totally get it. I had to promote a fb page and I felt so weird because I thought it would seem spammy. Advertising requires guts and I think you’re doing it right! 😀
        Best of luck with your book! 🙂

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      2. I’m working on a poetry book now. Or two, actually. One together with a professional photographer (who happens to be my mother). The other just text; I want to find out how Draft2Digital works for publishing so I can decide what to do about the book with my mum.

        Also, I’m procrastinating on a phone call I should make 🙂

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      3. Haha, procrastination gets to the best of us!
        This is so cool! I’d love to do this one day but I can see it requires a lot of hard work and dedication.
        I need to think of something good that’s worth publishing, which is obviously not easy, and then find all the dedication that you have 😀


      4. It needs a lot of dedication, especially when you start without a strategy like I did and try to find out everything about everything. It’s crazy. And by the time I know what I’m doing, everything will have changed and I can start all over again. The irony of modern times 🙂


  3. Six is still better than nothing, and trust me – the way you read is more important than how much! It doesn’t help anyone if you read it and didn’t quite learn anything from it. You’ll do great, I know!

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    1. You’re really sweet, Quill!
      But yeah, I don’t think reading for the sake of numbers makes sense anyway. So I’d rather read it at my own pace and not complete a challenge than do it solely for the purpose of completing it,
      Thank you so much for your support!

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