Conversations : A Rarity

There are times when the strongest people would like some attention, to have someone who would listen to them and actually care about what they have to say. Someone who would be there to listen and actually put themselves in their shoes to understand their situation. It's not very often that we find that. You… Continue reading Conversations : A Rarity


You’ve Done The Same Too!

It's like a pin poking your heartAnd like a punch to your faceWhen you see that the oneMost important to youYour most loved oneCares about someoneSo much more than youIt feels sad, it feels so unfairBut the thing is, you do that tooYou don't choose who it isThat you care more forIt's just unconditionalThink about… Continue reading You’ve Done The Same Too!


It’s Difficult

The most difficult thing That I've ever had to do Is stay away from you Because when I do My heart aches My eyes flood My thoughts surround you My sleep disappears I've loved you Now, what can I do? The most difficult thing to do Is to be away from you