Life Update

End of the year Update

Hello there,

I’m back here at the end of the year to apologise for not posting much this year and to promise that I’ll do my best to post more frequently in the future. But I truly don’t want to say that and give my word because finding time for myself and my thoughts has been difficult this year. I’ve had a lot on my plate lately, and while blogging is one of the spaces where I can resolve my inner conflicts, I’m finding it difficult to fit it into my daily routine.

Actually, it’s not just that. Here in the blogger’s world, a close good friend of mine mysteriously vanished. Opening the blog made me sad and worried for a long time. But I realised I needed to reassure myself that my friend had made the decision to go all-in on their aspirations, which I appreciate. I wish I could just tell them one final time that I wished the best for them and that I could at least bid them farewell.

This year has been hectic, but it has also been a period of significant personal growth for me. Many difficulties have come my way, many of which I have failed at and learned from, and others which I have succeeded in but believe I can still improve on. It’s also had its own good share of joyful memories that I’d like to cherish for a long time.

I keep getting the impression that I’m going to forget a lot of these good memories. Another reason I started this site was because of this. But, after seeing how quickly this year went by and how I couldn’t find time to talk about it, I’ve made a plan for the coming year. I’ve been considering creating a sort of template that I can just fill in at the end of each month. They won’t be as descriptive as my earlier posts, but they will serve as reminders to me in the future. Maybe I’ll be able to use these posts and write a summary at the end of the year.

I also intend to use more colours! It brings me a lot of excitement to see highlighted texts in different colours. The only issue is that it’s quite easy to go overboard. In any case, it’s still a prospect I’m considering.

For the time being, that’s all I have to say. I hope you all had a fantastic year. I wish you a wonderful year ahead.

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