Weird Thoughts

Not so Lonely

Sometimes, you sit by yourself and wonder if someone will ever care about you and be there for you when you need it. You wonder if there’s something wrong with you because you don’t see things happening around you that often. Sometimes, these thoughts make you feel lonely. You just wonder when the day will come when you’ll finally meet a person like that.

But… what if there always has been a person? Someone who watched over you from a distance. Someone who is there for you when you need them but not once mentions how they were present when you needed them. Someone who you haven’t been there for a lot of times when they could use your presence but still sticks around because they care about you.

There’s a possibility, right? The next time you complain about not having someone, think about it. Think about times when you’ve needed someone and had it, not about the times when you didn’t. It’s possible that even though someone wanted to be there, they were stuck in their own mess and needed help too. It’s important, think about everyone who has been there for you. It’s easy to complain about things because that’s what stick to the top of your mind. Maybe the person you’re complaining to is the someone who has done everything in their capacity for you. How hurtful it must be to hear something like this after giving it your all.

Just a thought, do consider it.

Thanks for reading!

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