Short Story · Situations

You there?

“Busy? I… need to talk”, the message said. Something wasn’t right, she wasn’t okay.

He put the pen cap on, arranged his sheets of paper, put it inside a book, closed it and kept it aside. The assignment could wait.

A few days later

“Hi.. I don’t feel so good. Can we talk?”, he asked her.

“Hi! Are you okay? I’ll get right back to you. Give me some time?”, she replied.

She turned off the TV, procrastinating was not an option. She had to finish her assignment as soon as possible so that she could give him all the time and attention. Determined, she finished her assignment much faster than she would have.

“Let’s talk about it!”, she replied in an hour.

Different people work differently, process things differently. They’ve lived their lives and they know what works for them.

Sometimes we think people don’t care when they don’t reciprocate the way you expected them to. But maybe they’re trying their best in their own mysterious way šŸ™‚

A little faith will help! A suspicious behaviour will only make you sad. I don’t intend to imply everyone cares and will reciprocate but there are still a lot of them who will.

I hope you enjoyed reading this.

6 thoughts on “You there?

  1. Many don’t understand that not all of us think the same way and Our perspective of caring can be different from others, leading to mis-understandings!
    Great insight!!

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