Rejection is often so, very hurtful, isn’t it? The first time you get rejected from something, you feel like your world has ended. It feels like there’s nothing more you can do to achieve something and a few days pass with you being very disappointed in yourself. I’ve seen a lot of people even blame others or life for it. But you know what? Everyone faces rejection, one way or the other.

For some, the rejection may be in terms of work, for some friendships, for some relationships and the list goes on. But the thing is, rejection isn’t something bad. I mean, yeah, it’s the feels the worst to get rejected but it doesn’t make you a loser. It doesn’t make you anything bad. Rejection always tells you a story.

The thing is, there are two ways in which people react to rejection.
1. They find out what the reason is and work hard towards it.
2. They don’t do anything about it but feel bad.
And I think the reaction depends upon the particular situation. As in, these categories aren’t for types of people, it’s the types of reactions. You could be 1 in a particular situation and 2 in another. In the end, it’s about what you think really matters.

Listen to the story. Learn, adapt and try again. If you really want it, never give up. If you really want it, you won’t.

You’ll get there.

Best of luck!

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