It’s Always You

There’s so much in me,
So many emotions,
So many feelings,
So many thoughts,
You could call me a grenade
Because I may blast

Why suddenly, you ask?
It’s not sudden, honestly
It’s collected over time
It’s been suppressed
And now there’s too much

There’s so much
That I could tell you
So much
That I would tell you
But I shan’t.

I’d tell you how it’s both,
A stabbing pain in my chest
And butterflies in my stomach
When I think of you

I’d tell you about my heart
How it races when I miss you
Yet, forgets to beat
When I see you

I’d tell you how my brain
Overthinks in the nights
Without you
And goes blank around you

But I can’t tell you all this
I mustn’t, I forbid myself
Because I know
It’s not the same for you

Because I know
If I tell you about this
It will cause only guilt
Only sadness
For something that
Isn’t even your mistake

And so I put up an act
Of happiness always
To show you I’m fine
To show you that
I’ve moved on

After all, it’s your smiles
That keeps me going
It’s your happiness
That I want to remember

But the truth is,
I will never forget this
This feeling, this attachment
A million years later,
I’ll still have you…
Right here in my heart.

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