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Guest Post: My Ocean

It’s been long that I have been watching this ocean.

The waves and the wind penetrated and formed its right place in there.

This deeper ocean is now mine for me, both unstoppable and free.

Nothing could control these intentions of mine.

When I tried shaping my wind for this deeper thing,

it slipped like water from my palms.

For wind should know it’s recklessness to disturb the ocean’s calm,

You have the right to be here,

every right to what you feel,

and the wind can howl forever.

But it should know that the ocean will not kneel,

it is bounded and will serve only to the shore.

So do not let the ocean change for you.

Send your waves out far and wide,

and let it learn that hard way

That you cannot command the tide to leave the shore.

Asra Noorain

An amazing poem by an amazing person. Asra is a friend of mine who has the most magical perception of things. If everyone looked at the world how she does, the world would’ve not only had stronger and tougher people but also people who valued any form of life.

I’d like to thank Asra for allowing to put up this amazing poem by her on my blog. It truly is an honor.

Thank you, Asra!

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