A Million Words

I sit here, and think
What could it be,
That would get me answers
To what I seek?

My mind wanders in lanes
That it hasn’t seen before
What seems right
Is so hard to do

What seems right hurts
Not only me, but those around too
But I know for sure
In the long run, this is it

I hope it comes soon though
It’s lonely here.
There’s so much to tell that I can’t
A million words,
A million words unspoken.


5 thoughts on “A Million Words

  1. I enjoyed this piece. However I found it to be too vague and now I’m wondering what is bothering the speaker and what is this right thing to do that the speaker is grappling it. While it doesn’t have to be revealed, I would like this to be longer and have the speaker be more conflicted and see his journey towards mustering up the courage to do the right thing.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for reading this.
      And thank you even more for the feedback. I understand what you mean and shall try my best to keep it in mind for the next poem! 😀
      Do keep visiting and giving me such amazing feedback, please 🙂


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