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What a life – Part 2

Alana was happy. After so long, she felt nice, the day was going as she wanted it to. First, she’d become Bret’s partner. He turned out to be a really nice, sweet and fun person. They had so much to talk about because anything they talked about was interesting. She loved it.

After class, they went for lunch together. They ate less, talked more. It was one of the most meaningful talks she had had in a while. “Will things be the same tomorrow?”, she thought as Bret talked to her about something.

“… what do you think?”, he asked her looking down at and deciding which piece of sandwich he wanted to eat first.

“You should meet my friends!”, she said abruptly. She wanted this to last. She wanted them to hang out together more often. “They’re really nice people, you’ll love them”

“I’d say the same to you but I can’t promise that you’ll like them. They’re really nice people but..”

“Yeah, I don’t think I’ll get along. Plus, you’re not even comfortable with them so, I’ll pass! But tomorrow, I’m introducing you to my friends!”, she couldn’t control the excitement.

“Alright then!”, he said enthusiastically.

And so she did. The next day, she waited until Bret got to college. She was already sitting with April and Aliya. She had told them all about Bret the previous day. As soon as Bret entered the class, she called out to him and made him sit with them and introduced him to her friends. To her pleasant surprise, her friends got along with Bret pretty well. The group of three now became a group of four.

The four of them would now hang out whenever they found the time. They went to most of the delicacies near the college. All of them got to know each other better. April was one of the funniest people in the group and also one of the most knowledgeable. Aliya was someone you could talk to and get into deep conversations with. Then there was Bret. Bret was someone Alana definitely wanted to spend more time with. Bret loved April’s jokes. He would laugh so hard every time April cracked a joke, it would make the others laugh too.

Alana made sure she got her alone time with Bret. She would try and help him out with whatever work he had just so that she got to be with him. She liked being around him. He was nice to hang out with. She loved watching him laugh. It was a warm and heartful laugh. It was so nice to see someone so genuine.

As days went on, Bret got closer to her friends and her but for some reason, Bret started talking to Aliya more than he talked to her. During the classes, Aliya and Bret would whisper things to each other and laugh. April would look at them and smile. It didn’t seem to bother her but for some reason, Alana felt a little left out. Alana tried and talked to Bret and he’d talk to her for a while but go back to talking to Aliya. She couldn’t understand what had happened suddenly. Wasn’t she the one who got him into this group? She deserved the attention here. “Why am I even feeling like this? They’re friends, and so are we. Keep your feelings in control, Alana. Don’t create an unnecessary drama”,  she told herself.

A few days later, something happened. Something she didn’t expect and something she never saw coming. Something that broke her heart. Something that hurt her a lot.

The day before that, she’d received a message from Aliya that said “Hey, I need to tell you something really important tomorrow. You’re going to love it! It’s a surprise! I’m so excited!!!!”. Even Alana was excited. Little did she know it was going to be something that she wasn’t going to like one bit.

She got to college all excited. Bret, April, and Aliya were already there. They stood at the corner opposite to the corner where the door was. She could see April smiling madly. She put her bag on the bench where they usually sat. The others had left their bags there too. She walked towards them. The three of them noticed that she had come and they turned towards her and all of them smiled. Bret looked a little flushed. April was smiling like mad. Alana suddenly felt like something very wrong was going to happen now. She walked a little slowly towards them.

April stepped forward and pulled her towards them to hurry her up.

“Okay, okay! Why are the three of you so excited?”, she asked them. She was nervous. Her legs felt weird. She felt a little weak.

April looked at Aliya and then Bret. Aliya looked at Bret, with a smile on her face. Bret was smiling too but for some reason, he wasn’t making eye contact with Alana. Then Aliya turned to Alana.

“We’re going out!”, she said and squealed a little.

“What?”, Alana said. It felt like someone had shot an arrow through her heart. Her entire body felt like it had stopped functioning. A few seconds from now, tears start forming in her eyes. She was hoping whatever she had just heard was not true. “What?”, she repeated with a small and very forced smile.

“Bret and I are going out, Alana!!!”, Aliya said. Alana hugged Aliya and then Bret. She forced her to smile as wide as possible and hoped her real feelings didn’t show on her face. She should have been happy for them. Right then, the teacher entered the class. Everyone got back to their places.

“What kind of a friend am I? Why do I feel like crying? It’s not like I had a thing for him! Why am I feeling like this”, she tried really hard to not cry as she sat on her bench. She suppressed whatever she felt right now but she knew she couldn’t take it for any longer. She got up asked the teacher if she could be excused. She ran to the washroom. She made sure there was no one else. She locked herself in one of the toilets and let it all out.


It’s not over yet.

To be continued.

PREVIOUS PART: What a life – Another side – Part 1

9 thoughts on “What a life – Part 2

      1. It’s a lovely read already – maybe the paragraph ”’A few days later…hurt her a lot” could be taken out & still let the story flow. It sounds like you’re warning the reader way in advance, which perhaps takes the sting out of the surprise from Aliya and Bret. If there’s a way of making it seem just like a normal day first, then build up the anxiety, THEN hit the reader with the surprise without telling them beforehand, it might be more impactful?
        Just my two cents here 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. No worries! 🙂 Hope it all goes well. I’m actually re-publishing my historical thriller again by cutting down a lot of unnecessary scene-setting and making it more streamlined (but the therapy dog STAYS) 😀


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