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What a life – Another side – Part 1

This part of the story is the same as “What a life – Part 1” (click HERE to read if you haven’t) but it’s from Bret’s point of view and hence the name says “Another Side”.
A lot of the story might seem repetitive.


Life was going to change. It was going to be a new place. There were going to be new people. Bret was not ready for this. There would be the whole drama of getting to know people and then getting close to them and then insulting them all the time to show them that you feel close to them. “Ugh! Not again!”, he thought. “Why can’t I just have the same people with me all my life?”

College finally started. He was so not ready for this. He was already two days late to college because there was some problem with the whole admission process. He was glad he got to stay away from college for another two days, though. The college was not as terrible as he thought it would be.

He entered his class. He was in no mood to sit right in front of the teacher so he looked for places in the back. There were none. In fact, there was no space in any of the benches other than the first one. He smiled at his luck. He decided to give in and sit on the first bench. An hour later, he got super bored. He decided he’d talk to the people around him. When he did, he realized these people didn’t understand his sarcasm. He was kind of disappointed but he knew how he could get these people to enjoy his company and so he cracked the kind of jokes they’d understand and got along pretty well. Still, though, he was not comfortable.

The first few days were full of disappointment for him. He didn’t like this college one bit. He’d made a few friends but they were not the kind he’d want to hang out with. He didn’t get to interact much with everyone because it seemed like everyone had already formed their groups. A few days later, they had an activity hour. The teacher instructed them to make teams of two. He didn’t even try. He went and stood alone. “It can’t get worse than this. Worst case, I’ll be doing my activity alone which isn’t the worst thing in the world, is it?”. Having thought that, he really wished he had a friend right now. Finally, he and another girl were left alone. She was a little weird. Weird in a good way. From the moment he saw her, she did funny things that made him smile.

The teacher asked the class if someone would like to be his partner. The weird girl put her hand up in the air really fast. The teacher was shocked at this kind of a reaction. Bret laughed softly at that.

“Hey, I’m Alana. What’s your name?”, she said as soon as she came to him. As soon as she said this, she became a little nervous. How weird.

“Hey! I’m Bret”, she sighed but why would she do that. He smiled and asked “What? you didn’t like my name?”, Alana started laughing really hard.

“No, I’m glad it’s something I can spell”, she said. “What!? Who even says that?”, he started laughing really hard. He hadn’t laughed like this in ages. Who was this girl? How could someone be so weird?

The topic for the day was “The Environment”. They were given a task to go in and around the college and look for places where they could plant trees. Other teams were given different tasks.

They walked all around the college. She told him the most random things and he told her the most random things. It was nice. He had someone he could talk to now. Hopefully even after the activity was over. “Should I ask her if we’re friends now? No! What the hell? Why would someone ask that?”, she kept talking and Bret kept looking at her. “She’s really pretty, you know?”, he continued to talk to himself, “If this is a one-time thing, it’s alright. At least something good happened this week, right? Also, since she’s my partner for the activity hour maybe I’ll have a good day every week!”

They returned to college. She was still talking about something. He’d heard everything subconsciously. He could get back into the conversation if he liked and just then he saw a kid eating ice cream. He looked at Alana and even she was looking at him.

“I’m so hungry”, he said. She looked kind of alarmed. Maybe because he suddenly spoke about hunger, so he explained himself. “My stomach is growling, dude”

“Let’s go grab something to eat after this?”, Alana asked. He’d never thought a question could make him that happy. He was wishing that he had a friend and now he had one. Bret was one of those people who were uncomfortable eating in public by themselves.

“Yes! I was just about to ask you that. I don’t know other people so well”, he said and then realized what he said. “I’m not supposed to say that! It’s not like I know her so well! Yeah, she’s better than anyone else I’ve met here and I actually had fun with her but..” 

“To be honest, I’m not so comfortable with them”, he decided to say.

“Yeah, I could tell”, she said. “How could she know though? Am I that obvious?” he thought.

“What? How?”, he asked.

“Oh, because you didn’t join your other friends while making teams, I guessed you weren’t comfortable”, she said and looked proud of herself. “Yeah, makes sense. She understands people pretty well”

“You’re sure it’s not because you were stalking me?”, he asked and then let out a nervous laugh. He didn’t expect her to understand but she took it pretty well.


I’ve tried something new here. Let me know if you like this and if should do this for the other parts too.
The movie “Flipped” inspired me to write this kind of a story.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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