Short Story


He tried to be friends with everyone.
He helped everyone. He smiled and laughed along with everyone. He celebrated with everyone. He stood by everyone, he encouraged everyone.

Somewhere, he hadn’t understood that even though he had everyone, he had no one.
Even though he was a part of every group, he was a part of none.



8 thoughts on “Alone.

    1. It’s a short story 🙂
      Yes, I guess everyone could see themselves be this person. You definitely would’ve given encouragement to some, maybe you didn’t notice. 🙂


  1. That was a good one broh!
    I may sound stupid but this reflects the whole generation of ours, with all these social networking and stuff people are friends with everyone (virtually) but in person everyone is alone , people don’t bond nowadays, it’s like for the sake of being friends, for a social status they are doing it.
    No doubt people aged between 18-30 are the most depressed.
    This post made my day

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    1. Thank you, my man!
      You sound exactly the opposite of stupid, you sound like a genius.
      I accept how it sucks that people are only.. real in the virtual world, get what I mean?
      If it goes on like this, I’m pretty sure the range is going to increase. 18-30 then 12- 50 and finally, our entire lives.
      People need to become more outgoing and more socializing. Not socialize so that they get more likes or friends on fb but so that they know more people and have a life outside of the internet.
      Your comment makes my day. It’s the motivation I get for my next post. Thank you so much.

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