I’ve always been a very curious person and I’ve loved to look for patterns in things. I’ve loved to understand how things work and to know what the science behind it is. Even so, I’ve always found flaws in so many things. There’s never, what people call it, perfection. Everything has its own cons. Nothing is ever… ideal.

But then there’s nature. Everything about it bothers me. We, humans, have been and still are studying the science behind nature. There’s so much to nature that we don’t know of. There is one thing, though. Everything is so perfect. Everything in nature has a reason.

Everything that we’ve ever learned in science or are going to learn comes from nature. From gravitation to aerodynamics to shapes to thermodynamics to color combinations to architecture to so much more.

“How has this happened?”, I’d ask myself. “Isn’t nature something that happened randomly?”.

I don’t remember if it was Einstein or someone else who said, “Randomness is not random”. My dad had told me this when I was four. We threw stones and my dad me how every once in a while there was some pattern to it and if one studied it, they could find a sequence of it and could know where the next stone is going to land.

I’ve always told myself that. I’ve tried to use that thought in life. There was never any real proof, though. There was nothing I could look at and say, “Hence proved that this statement is right!” and then I noticed what nature was like. Was nature a proof of this statement?

If, as I’ve always believed and also as Elon Musk believes, we live in a simulation, the programmer of the simulation must have spent a hell lot of time in programming nature. The programmer must be someone who was very patient, smart, sensible and very, very planned for only such a person could’ve so gingerly put everything together to get this sort of a result.

Nature truly is brilliant. It’s something still so unexplainable but still so sensible.

Has nature bothered you as much as it has bothered me? What do you think about nature? Let me know in the comments below.

I hope you had a good time reading this.

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6 thoughts on “Nature

  1. Naturally, I have to respond to this!

    I don’t know that nature “bothers” me, so much. It awes me. It inspires me. It reminds me that, in one sense, I am insignificant in relation to the universe, yet at the same time, through the diversity of nature and the fact that every detail is important, means I am significant to God.

    I’d like to share a thought I’ve had for a long time, and it’s not something you’ll find in The Bible, nor is it in anything I’ve read in science or philosophy, but is core to my belief about my relationship with God and the Universe: I am unique. God created me to fulfill a specific purpose. It’s not to do something like save 100 people from some catastrophe or write a block-buster novel, or anything like that. God’s purpose for me is to experience my life in my own unique fashion. No one in the universe, now, before, or after, will ever have the same experiences as me. Each of us forges our own path. Even identical twins are unique. We see this, not just in our own lives, but in nature. As a leaf falls from a tree in autumn, it’s path to the ground is unlike all the other leaves from the same tree. It is neither random nor pre-programmed, but it is subjected to the forces of nature that, from our limited human perspective, seem unpredictable and random. The difference between me and the leaf is that I have freewill, which allows me to choose my path in spite of gravity and wind. For me, I choose to live my life to its fullest potential – but even if I fall short of my own expectations, I am still fulfilling God’s will.

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    1. Loved it 😀
      Yes, I believe we all have a propose too. That the purpose is to experience life, I’d never thought. I always thought we need to find out what our purpose is and to give something back to nature after it’s given so much to us.

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      1. I think that if God wanted us to do something specific, He wouldn’t make it such a mystery. He’d just come right out and tell us. There are those that believe the Bible is pretty clear on this (Matthew 28, if I remember correctly,) but I think it’s much more than just sharing God’s message – it’s living God’s message (start with reading the Sermon on the Mount, check out Proverbs and Psalms while you’re at it. Nowhere does it say take a printed Bible and shove it forcefully down someone’s throat, especially if they aren’t open to the message!) I know I fall short most of the time, but I fall short of my own expectations. I don’t base my judgment on what other people tell me it should be; my conscious is pretty good at letting me know when I get too far off the rails.


  2. Well nature’s always interesting, when I was a kid I learned how to swim. In my dad’s village we went searching for shallow water bodies, we kind of got lost, I freaked out and my dad said to go towards the direction where you hear the vehicles are moving… I developed a habit of exploring the area around my old school, there are rumours that it was built on a graveyard. I basically avoided the main road and went through the routes. Some were shortcuts and others well I should have gone through the main road. That habit lead me to find a ground near another school, that was in CKB layout, now there are pg’ s there. I went there once I forgot the route, then we got a route that avoided the main road near that other school, it was convenient as we could avoid traffic jams. Sometimes I and my childhood friends would go pick fruits near a small orchard. It was scary and fun, climb walls and do a lot of stuff which was handy during hide and seek

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