There’s always this talk about perfection. The perfect hairstyle, the perfect body, the perfect house,…….. I could go on and on but what is the point. Perfection isn’t even an universal word. Everyone has a different meaning of perfection. Some people don’t like spiking their hair, some people think not having abs is still a perfectly tuned body, some like small houses.
If you want a good hairstyle, do whatever you want to your hair, whatever that makes you feel proud of it. Color it, shape it, shave it, whatever. Society will always have some brilliant comments. If you like it, do it. If you wanna become thin, stop cribbing, start working out. I know it not an easy task, loosing fat and all. I have experiences of being skinny, fit and fat. So yeah. Oh, if you’re thinking you’ll score chicks/guys when you’re fit but can’t score any now, I’m sorry to break this to you but you’re wrong. Basically, what I’m trying to say is, do whatever you want as long as YOU like it. Not your crush, not your friends, no one other than you. If you like what you are, you’ll be confident. Confidence, trust me, is what people are desperately looking for. Confidence is attractive af.

If you love yourself, there’s no one in the world who’s not gonna love you

Then again, you’d probably be thinking, ‘I really want a good hairstyle but I have no idea what hairstyle I like’. This is when you need suggestions. Meet some friends, look at how they style their hair. If you like someone’s hairstyle, ask them what will look good on you. Try that suggest hairstyle on yourself. Do you like it? Yes? Keep it. No? Doubtful? Next suggestion please.
Trust me. I can not dress up without people suggesting me stuff. I have a lot of friends who’s clothes look really good and attractive. I ask each and everyone of them for suggestions, try all of em and pick the one in which I feel confident and comfortable. I ain’t no saint. People don’t need to  do all the shit that I’ve been suggesting. Its just helping me.
Its good to be imperfect. If everyone were perfect, there wouldn’t be differences between people, no uniqueness.
If there’s something in you that you think makes you imperfect, feel proud of it. Its these imperfections that make you unique, its this imperfection that will make people love you, this imperfection will find you your true love someday.


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