Blogging again :D

So I started working on this blog today, at 12am. I worked on it till like 5.30 am and spent majority of the time looking for contact forms. The contact form feature provided by blogger is not sending me notification mails for some reason and in the custom made ones, the ‘send’ button doesn’t work. LOL. Super irritating. But, I will make it work. I need to know what you feel about my blog and my writing. I want to improve in this thing. I want you to feel comfortable while telling me and I NEED you to tell me.

This blog, I guess, is just like some diary but it wont be completely private (since people are gonna be reading this xP) and that is what makes it all the more funner.. Uhh.. Google says its a valid word k?
Anyway so.. It doesn’t really matter how personal my posts become. You don’t know me, I don’t know you (I’d love to get to know you tho) so it wont like make me feel awkward and all.
Also, my friend suggested me to make this blog and I’ve been wanting to from a long time anyway so..
k. I’m excited about this. Lets do this.

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